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Playing Card Table Card Templates

Playing Card Table Card Templates

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Table Cards in a playing card design.
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As requested - Table Cards in a playing card design.

A card in each suit as shown on the outer edges; in the center are 2 text boxes for the guest name and Table No. Each layer is fully editable. There are 2 templates per suit - cards 2 through 9 on one Letter size paper template, and card 10, Ace, Face cards and JOKER on another Letter size template. Each card background includes a small pixel stroke in black for cutting lines - the stroke can easily be modified or turned off. Cards are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".

This set includes PSD files and TIF files.

This is a Commercial Use item - You may use this to create products that you sell in either printed or digital format, but you may not sell this item or make other resources from this product.

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