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Macaron Baking Sheet Template

Macaron Baking Sheet Template

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Macaron Baking Sheet Template
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I took a couple Macaron baking classes recently, and at the end of the class we were handed a roughly drawn template to lay under the parchment paper for macaron sizing before baking (and remove the template before the macarons go in the oven). I thought a brighter, filled template with uniform circles would be easier to use, and easily seen through the parchment paper.

Each printed PDF will yield placement for 30 macarons.

Each macaron circle is 1 1/3" round. Included is a PDF for easy printing and use, as well as the Photoshop PSD template and a TIF template version if you wanted to modify the template for closer spacing, or have the macarons farther apart. To modify the template, you will need access to a photo editing application such as Photoshop, PSE or Gimp.

This is a Commercial Use item - You may use this to create products that you sell in either printed or digital format, but you may not sell this item or make other resources from this product.

*You may use this template to create collage sheets for sale for Commercial or Personal Use, but you may not sell this template, or use this template to create another template for sale.

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