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Do I need to be registered to purchase items from the shop? Yes, to be able to make any purchase, you must first register in the shop. This is for your own security, to keep track of any downloads registered to you, and to offer any support you might need during your purchase. You can be sure that your information will ONLY be used for this store, and that your information will NEVER be sold. What methods of payment do you accept? I accept Paypal payments, including payment from credit card (without the need for a PayPal account) through the PayPal website. How long are the items I purchase available for download? Your purchased items will be available for download for 3 days after your purchase is complete. Please be sure to download during this time period and if you experience problems, be sure to read this entire FAQ Shopping section. If you are still unable to download, please contact me. What if I have problems downloading my purchase? If you receive an error while downloading, please try the download once again. Occasionally there may be problems if there is a high demand on download resources at the time, or if for some reason the shop is temporarily unavailable. If you still experience problems, please contact me, and it would be helpful if you include a description of the problem, or any error message you may receive. Your problem will be addressed as soon as possible. Please ensure you note the target directory of your downloaded files to avoid them being ‘lost’ – otherwise, you could perform a search on your hard drive with the name of the kit to try and find it. What format are the downloaded files in? All downloaded files are in compressed .zip format, which will require a program such as jZip or Unarchiver to unpack or uncompress them.