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I am a stay-at-home mom to the cutest baby boy Riley, and wife to wonderful husband Shawn and we live in the greater Seattle area. I love all things creative Ė I have a background in both design and marketing, and am working on my web design and graphic design skills, as well as learning all things Adobe. I love to learn and try new things with design and itís common to see a variety of styles from me, but hopefully with the same underlying feeling, and I strive for high quality and multi-use for items. I am also a serious hobby photographer; Iíve taken a few classes in film photography, but now I am completely digital so itís been a fun switch and I love learning about the differences and what I can do with my SLR. And finally, I love everything French Ė the country, the language, the City of Paris. I am setting up a separate blog for my FranÁais for the Day and it will be ready soon.